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February 26, 2012 / ironbabycribsreviews

Yamaha Audiogram6 USB Audio Interface Review

I’ve tried few condenser microphones over the last years and I’ve advised anyone wanting to build a home recording studio or just buy a good mic for pod-casting or voice overs.

Yamaha Audiogram6 USB

The package contains the Yamaha Audiogram6 USB audio interface, cable, drivers and Cubase IE 5 recording software – that allows you to create songs and record voices.

The Audiogram6 is solidly build and provides plenty controls and connections. There are 6 recording inputs that allows you to connect 2 XLR mic cables, guitars, etc. In order to adjust the sensitivity just press the select button. Phantom Power is presented on the board.

In terms of condenser microphones or other inputs, this usb audio interface is very versatile and will cope with most of your requirements. Remember that you may have to play around with your sound settings in order to get the perfect sound, but when you’ll get there you’ll love the way this audio interface records. The best thing about Yamaha Audiogram6: no latency issues!

Read more details here (around $100)


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